Romsey Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Romsey Footfall 2015

Attachment: 2015_Romsey_Footfall_uhoosq.pdf

We have received the following from Mark Edgerley, the Town Centre Manager:

Please find attached graph of monthly footfall figures for Romsey during 2015

Given weather in August I suspect that contributed to poor results but interestingly September improved - may be weather but there was also the Food Festival.

I am not sure we are doing anything different than 2013 when in almost every month figures were significantly higher – we do need to discuss that and consider how we can draw more people into the town. Currently Church Street is seeing a c.20% reduction in footfall based on a straw poll I conducted earlier this week; undoubtedly this is due to the road improvement work.

Do not become depressed! These figure are much healthier than Andover where considerably more investment is made to draw people into the town but they have signifigant out of town centre shopping areas.

Just a reminder, these are not absolute numbers as we only have a single footfall sensor in the Hundred – will refine this report for wider distribution when I get a moment.