Romsey Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Rotary Club Polio Event

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The Rotary Club movement worldwide has spent many years and millions of pounds trying to eliminate POLIO. We are VERY nearly there!

Children who have had the vaccination against POLIO have their little finger dipped in a purple dye to show they have been treated - “a purple pinky”.

To celebrate this fantastic achievement of nearly eliminating POLIO, Rotary Clubs plant “purple pinky” crocuses each year.

This year Romsey Test Rotary Club are giving away packs of “Purple Pinky Crocuses” for Romsey folk to plant.

This will be taking place for a short time in The Town Centre on the morning of Saturday 3rd October.

Click above to see a poster about this. We urge anyone who can to print this out and display it in their windows to help spread the word.