Romsey Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Warning to traders

Sadly COOK Romsey was a victim of burglary on Thursday 13th November during the night.

The back door, although securely locked and bolted, was eventually forced open and they attempted to remove the safe from the floor. They didn’t succeed but managed to force the safe door open and clear it of the days money, float and gift vouchers.

Thankfully they didn’t trash the shop or damage anything else. Just be more aware as the busy Christmas time approaches.

In another incident, a gentleman with a FedEx/UPS type of hand machine called at a door to read electricity and gas meters. The home owner asked to see ID and he pointed to his ID badge. On looking it was noticed it had Temporary stamped across it, it had expired 31 July 2014 and the photo was all blurry - it looked like a photocopy - with British Gas typed at the

Top and a British Gas logo. When he was told his badge had expired he just shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t realise. On phoning British Gas they said they had not sent anyone to the house.

Please be careful and make others aware.