Romsey Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Relaunch of Chamber

Last week the Advertiser reported our Re-launch meeting at which we announced some of the immediate benefits we can offer to members. There is now no doubt that, if members take advantage of these offers, they will save many times more than the cost of membership!

But the Chamber is about much more than saving money! It is about helping to develop a prosperous and happy community. If a company wishes to be profitable, both today and in the future, it must trade with other prosperous companies and individuals. For this reason it makes sense to behave in a way that contributes to the prosperity of the local community.

When companies purchase from other local companies it ensures that the money they pay for goods and services stays within the local area with the result that there is more to be spent locally. This may not benefit the company immediately or directly but in the medium and longer term it contributes to the economic health of the area in general and this does benefit the company.

And it is not simply by trading locally that we can increase local prosperity. There are many things that can be done at no cost other than a little forethought: sharing expertise, recommending or introducing each other to other companies, even linking on a website will make a positive contribution to the success of other local companies.

As a Chamber we cannot drive such behaviour but we can provide forum where businesses can collaborate in a spirit of trust, to build a prosperous local economy and community. We will be doing much more over the coming months to build on these ideas and we would like every business in Romsey to be a part of it. So whether you are an employee or a business owner get your company to join the Chamber and make the community prosper.