Romsey Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Christmas Lights

We were prompted to make sure the Chamber prospered by the threat to the Christmas lights. It is a long time until Christmas and, if you are like us, you will hate the way carols appear in some places as early as September. However, to be successful any event needs planning a long way in advance so we are starting now.

Turning on the Christmas lights in Romsey a fun evening! It also gives us an opportunity to focus on a whole range of things. This year we want to make sure that we really do make the most of it. We have ideas ourselves but it is a community event so we are asking you for your ideas.

There are a number of important things to bear in mind. First, whether or not we are a Christians we should remember that we are celebrating the birth of a child who went on to teach an approach to the world that underpins British society; loving your neighbour, forgiving others and caring for the needy, amongst other things.

Second, a large part of Christmas revolves around our children. Part of it is about the fun that they get from getting presents but a large part is about the joy we get from watching them receive them. So it seems to us that we should be focusing on the ideas of giving and receiving and on children.

Third, we are not forgetting that we are a Chamber of Commerce and that Christmas is pretty important to the economy. It is important that we get the message out, to wide area, that Romsey is a pretty good place to come shopping, to enjoy a meal or a sociable drink, a concert in the Abbey, a carol service at the United Reformed Church or a play at the Plaza.

So if you have ideas that can help us build on these themes and make this year memorable please send them to us at 18 Market Place, Romsey, SO51 8NA or email at