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Travel Counsellor

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We all want the holiday of your dreams. Tailored to us with ticks going onto our bucket lists and those little touches that just epitomise - Holiday! Relaxation! Fun! We are all different so why should we share the same holidays? You see, as a Travel Counsellor, with me it’s personal and my sole focus is making your whole holiday experience an enjoyable one. This means that I do my work at a time and place to suit you which, for many of my clients, is in their own home. Dream of a world where you get to talk to the same person through every stage of your holiday, whatever the situation. Dream about having access to the widest choice of holidays or even having your own ‘perfect holiday’ put together especially for you, getting the best value for money with total peace of mind. Dream of a level of service and attention to detail that you’ve never experienced before - all just for you. It means that I’ll be your very own travel expert, finding out exactly what you’re looking for, finding out all about your personal preferences and then going away and doing all of that time consuming research and running around for you. Now, stop imagining and let me show you that the reality is better than the dream. Accreditations:-